About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases

The following measures are taken at Kominka Tomari and Dining Tanuki.

 [Staff measures] Hand washing, gargle, wearing mask / Customer service with consideration for distance from customers

[Ventilation support] Regular ventilation of the building (drinking area) / Regular ventilation of common areas in the building / Ventilation before and after using the guest room

[ Room support] Installation of disinfectant solution / Installation of air purifier / Bactericidal cleaning of equipment each time / Avoid congestion and adjust room occupancy rate

[Bathroom support] Bactericidal cleaning of bathhouse equipment

[Bactericidal support] Regular Disinfecting and cleaning of the typical building (drinking area) / Regular disinfecting and cleaning of common areas in the building / Disinfecting and cleaning of guest rooms / Disinfecting and cleaning of guest room slippers

[Check-in / out correspondence] Alignment considering the distance between customers・ Guidance / Check-in is possible in the room / Check-out is possible in the room

[Meal support] Room meal / Private room meal support / Admission restrictions for guests with poor physical condition

[Request to guests] Request for disinfection when visiting / Hand wash / gargle Request for Anti-virus measures are currently limited to one group per day. Ventilation of the room is operated before and after meals, and Diaino (space sterilization equipment) is operated during meals.